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Displaying your signs

All of our 8x10” bar signs are printed on white foamcore backing board with a pre-assembled white cardboard easel back. Just fold along the perforated lines to set up. If you'd like to display your bar sign another way, be sure to let us know so we can send you a flat print of your bar menu without any display additions. 

Some fun alternative display options: CB2 Marco frame, Arhaus Jules frame
Need to tweak your bar sign size to better fit your custom display/frame? We may be able to accommodate! Just let us know what you have in mind.

18x24” signs look best on a tabletop-sized easel placed on a table or counter. Look for an easel that is between 11” and 24” in height. Consider adding a strip of clear tape on the back for extra support if wind is a concern. If you don’t have a surface available to place this sign on, command strips on a vertical surface or a standard floor-length easel will also work.

Some recommendations: CB2 acrylic, AmazonCommand strips

22x28” - 24x36" 
A floor-length easel works great for these sizes. You can find cheap, collapsible options like *this* on Amazon or sturdy, customizable options like *this* on Etsy. Your local craft store may have some options as well. Keep in mind, the legs and top of this easel will be showing and finding a color other than black, white or wood at this size can get pricey. For a super easy DIY project, we recommend picking up a can of spray paint to color coordinate your easel and sign. Command strips are a great alternative option if you have a nearby wall available.

Some recommendations: CB2 tripod acrylic, Amazon collapsible, Esty customizable, Command strips

Additional Options 
Before purchasing any items, you may want to check with your venue coordinator to see if they have any display easels available on site. We also recommend checking out the inventory of local party rental companies to see what they have in stock.
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