Print Finish Comparison

We offer the following printing methods for all our semi-custom stationery lines.

Digital printing - $$


Digital is the most versatile and affordable option for printing. This print method leaves a smooth image with no impressions or raised text. Printing time: 2 weeks

Letterpress - $$$


A classic, luxurious look. Letterpress imprints your design into cardstock, leaving a thick, pillowy impression. It's great for deep relief and intricate detail. The price for letterpress varies depending on the number of colors being printed. Printing time: 3-4 weeks

Screen printing - $$$


Screen printing adds a level of artistry to your invitations. The ink sits crisply on the surface of the paper, which gives it a lovely tactile finish. Screen printed stationery can be printed on any color paper and with ink colors not achievable through digital, including fluorescents and metallics. The price will vary depending on the number of colors being printed. Printing time: 3-4 weeks

Foil press - $$$$


Foil has a slight relief in the surface it's printed on, though not as much as letterpress. Foil is a great option to give your invitations that extra wow factor and the best process for metallic printing, including otherwise impossible colors like holographics and mirror-like metallics. Printing time: 3-4 weeks

Envelope Colors

The right palette can completely change a design. We offer a selection of bright tones, neutrals and lots of fun envelope colors in between. These colors are also available as cardstocks for our screen printed orders.

Stationery Design Guide

Use this guide as a reference for customizing your stationery. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us when you inquire, as we are often able to accommodate requests not shown here.

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